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Hello and welcome to our website!


Owning a boat, yacht, car or motorhome is great and exciting. Buying one you wanted or thought about is awesome!

Being the owner comes with a responsibility though. You have to take care of it to maintain the condition. For many owners, this is a part which they forget about - unwillingly or willingly - or do not want to deal with themselves because they lack the time, skill, or will. Here is where we come in and can help you save time and keep it in pristine condition for you.


The business is located in the Malaga region with a base in Marbella. Our main focus is on yachts and boats, we do cars and motorhomes as well. We are flexible to meet Your wants and find solutions to your specific situation.


Our goal is to provide the best possible service to every client. For that reason, we use only premium products and tools to ensure the best result. We do not make sacrifices in quality and we are efficient.


Great service combines experienced and friendly professionals with the consistent pursuit of excellence at their craft. We want to be the best. And we want the best for you.


Malaga Detailing is owned by two friends - Alan and Taavet. We are both from Estonia and moved to Spain to start this business after years of traveling the world. Alan has 7 years of experience in detailing boats in Sydney and Taavet has 6 years of experience in customer service and sales. 


Together we have the competence to give quality service to our clients and make your yacht, boat, car or motorhome look like new again. Nice and shiny as we love to say.


If you need a company to take care of your vessel or vehicle, then look no further than Malaga Detailing. We are here to serve and help you.


Looking forward to hearing from you! 


         Thank you,


         Alan & Taavet


Alan Tammeniit

Executive Director


Taavet Kumar

Executive Sales Director


Your Most Important Asset - Time

There is one thing that money cannot buy, and that is time. 

Letting us take care of your yacht for you is probably the next best thing.

We are direct, efficient and we want to earn your trust.


We give you peace of mind while we work on your yacht.

Perfect finish

Oxidized and dulled boat/yacht will require multiple steps of attention. We use specific pads and product and even machines for each step to restore oxidized boat/yacht to prime condition. with extra protection and high glossy clear shine finish. Your investment will be well protected and looked after, if you sign up with Malaga mobile marine detailing!


Meet The Team

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