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100% Curable Silicon Resin

BRILA Marine Body Coating adopts a highly-concentrated silicone resin. After curing at normal temperature, it forms a Si-O glass protection surface.
High density 3D crosslinking of low molecular weight silicone
alkoxy oligomer form the surface of the glass so it demonstrates the highest hardness as glazing agent.

Excellent Antifouling Performance

Generate antifouling performance hard surface due to high density 3D crosslinked of Vitreous.
In addition, it demonstrates high adhesion because of entering the nano-level unevenness. As a result, the body protect dirt and it is easy to come off. It also makes it easier to come off for dirt of squid-tacho-blacks specific to ships. Strong against friction because generating a hard like glass.

Outstanding Durability

Si-O glass skeleton realizes a high weather resistance and is resistant to UV degradation. It is excellent in rust prevention due to high adhesion and water resistance. Strong against friction because it generates a hard like glass ※Pencil hardness 8H.

There is no considerable abnormality in the sunshine weather meter for 2 years, and it is excellent in weather resistance. The gloss maintains about 88% of the initial gloss and boasts very high durability. ※ According to our voluntary standard.


Deep Gloss

A deep gloss can be obtained without wiping due to the highly active ingredients within the coating.

Application examples: 






Easy Application And Safety

Everyone can apply easily and uniformly with a dedicated pad. As it has very low surface tension, it exhibits high leveling properties. Therefore, the liquid is well stretched and very few streak marks are visible.

You don’t need to wipe liquid off. (Wiping may be necessary for heavy color parts) When wiping off, wiping is light and excellent in workability.

Since it does not contain organic solvents and alcohols under labor and welfare law, it is not subject to various restrictions on use. It also does not damage the body at the same time.

Just after application with being wiped.

Just after application without being wiped.

The glossy appearance makes it possible to clearly confirm the paint color.

Just after application without being wiped.

the coated part can be confirmed beautifully in the reflection.

Silicone-Resin-700x703 (2).png





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